Bolzano – Bozen – di Xavier. Con licenza CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 tramite Flickr

Bolzano is an hour’s drive from our apartments. It’s Italy’s most liveable city and has prehistoric roots and a thriving economy that produces wines, fruits and dairy products as well as beautiful handicrafts! You can catch regular trains to Bolzano from Malè station, which is a convenient 150m walk from our apartments!

It’s famous for its annual Christmas market and its bilingual signage, which are just one example of how the city is a crossroads between Italian and Austrian cultures.

Top Attractions:

  • Walther Square, with its statue of a German minstrel
  • Laubengasse with its medieval carcades and high-street shops
  • the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology and the Ötzi the Iceman mummy
  • the Gothic Cathedral, started in 1184 and completed in the early 16th century
  • the Chiesa dei Domenicani (13th century), with its 14th-century Gothic paintings
  • various castles, including Castle Maretsch, Runkelstein Castle and Firmian/Sigmundskron Castle
  • Victory Monument: a triumphal arch built by Benito Mussolini  and the site of an exhibition on the regional history during Italian fascism and German Nazism
  • Museion: a museum of modern and contemporary art

Tourist information centre: Piazza Walther, Bolzano