Horseback riding:

Whether you want to explore the countryside on horseback yourself or snuggle under a warm blanket on a sled, the Val di Sole has plenty of horse riding schools. The best is Centro Equitazione Alpina “Val di Sole”, which organises riding tours and lessons, sleigh rides and full day workshops for those who want to learn the practise of equitation. The programs can be tailored to all ages and levels.

Indoor climbing:

Head over to the Val di Sole climbing school at the Mezzana Sports Centre to try your hand at the 15-metre wall. Suitable for all ages.

Free climbing:

There are numerous natural and artificial free climbing walls located around the Val di Sole.  Free climbing can be a difficult, so it’s a good idea to practise in an indoor setting before attempting it outdoors. For more information, contact the Alpine Guides of Val di Sole. Free climbing is rock climbing with all the necessary protection – safety harnesses, spikes and guidelines. You can rent all of this at the special free climbing walls. The main ones are:

  • Val di Peio – Ponte Vecchio “Al Crozi di Cisa” Natural Rock Wall
  • Passo Tonale – “Paradiso” Natural Rock Wall
  • Ossana – “Sass Pisador” Natural Rock Wall
  • Folgarida – “Doss di Santa Brigida” Natural Rock Wall
  • Malè – “C. Costanzi” Natural Rock Wall

Adventure Park:

The Parco Avventura Flying Park in Malè is the Val di Sole’s main adventure park and has a vast ropes course perfect for adults and children.


The Noce, Vermigliana, Meledrio and Rabbies rivers and streams are all perfect for fishing brown trout, river trout and artic char. Tourist licenses are compulsory. For more information, visit

Walking and hiking:

The easiest, cheapest and perhaps most rewarding outdoor activity in the Val di Sole. Summer lifts will take you to the most breathtaking and isolated sections of the valley, while a true smorgasbord of walking and hiking itineraries are available at any tourist information centre. If you’re truly passionate about the Great Outdoors, consider booking and walking to a mountain hut. There are plenty of these refuges scattered across the valley, allowing you to stretch your sightseeing journey over a day or three. For more information, visit the official Val di Sole website.

Here Are Some Of The Valley’s Best Local Products:

Apples: The Val di Sole is Italy’s apple capital. It’s the only area to have a DOP trademark (Protected Designation of Origin) and grows five types of apple: Golden and Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji and Renetta. Apples appear in all sorts of local dishes from strudel to juice to vinegar and apple fritters.

Cheese: Casolet of the Val di Sole is a delicate raw cow’s milk that’s a fantastic alternative to mozzarella and is the valley’s most famous cheese. But you can try heaps of others at local caseifici or dairies, including Monteson, which has a hay-like aroma and uses both goat and cow’s milk.

Berries: Berries are extremely expensive in the rest of Italy, but you can pick up freshly gathered strawberries, currants, blueberries and blackberries almost all year round in the valley at a steal.

Honey: Val di Sole honey stands out because it’s made in very small quantities and sold directly by beekeepers or in select stores. The valley is famous for three types of honey: the Miele Millefiori d’Alta Montagna (a high mountain wildflower honey with an intense aroma and flavour), Miele di Rododendro (rhododendron honey is delicate, lightweight, light in colour and produced strictly at high altitude) and Melata d’Abete (with its amber tones and sometimes-balmy flavours, it’s a panacea if dissolved in hot milk).

Wines and liquors: The valley makes one wine, the Groppello di Revò I.G.T., a ruby red wine made from a native variety for a good brandy aroma and intense flavour. You can also buy Trentino grappa, which is still made artisanally.

Speck: The most famous local product after the apple is a type of prosciutto that’s lightly smoked and cured. It has an intense flavour and melts in your mouth. It’s used in canederli – a type of dumpling dish that’s very popular in the valley.