Skiing and snowboarding aren’t for everyone, so luckily the Val di Sole has plenty of other winter sports to choose from:

Ski mountaineering:

A difficult and arduous sport, but extremely enjoyable if you want to see the Val di Sole’s snow covered slopes and peaks going up instead of down.

As you are not restricted to ski resorts or cordoned slopes, it’s important that you exercise caution. Recommended itineraries are available on the official Val di Sole website. Always check with a tourist information centre before you leave for up to date information about snow conditions, closed itineraries and the weather.


It might look hilarious, but snowshoeing is one of the Val di Sole’s most traditional sports and actually very hard! The Val di Sole has 37 groomed and ribboned trails for snowshoeing. You don’t need any special training and can rent everything from schools in the valley. Snowshoe Adventures organises annual walking excursions between Jan and April, which include guided night walks, dinner at a traditional dairy and sled ride. For more about guided tours, check out the official Val di Sole website.


While it sounds like something better suited to Iceland, dogsledding has been a popular sport in Italy since the 1980s. Only certain breeds are used to pull the sled – usually Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds and Greenlanders. The Scuola Italiana Sleddog organises dogsledding courses and itineraries for adults and children 10 years and older. Under the guidance of an expert ‘musher’ (sled driver), you master commands like gee (right) and hike (go) before heading out on a tour of the Val di Sole led by champion huskies.

Ice skating:

Plenty of fun for beginners and experts, and a perfect activity for the family! The main ice staking rinks are in Folgarida and Malè but you can also skate at:

  • Pattinaggio Gabri – Frazione: Cogolo – Peio
  • Pattinaggio Mezzana at the Centro Sportivo – Mezzana
  • Pattinaggio Passo Tonale at the Bar Chalet Savoia
  • Pattinaggio Vermiglio at the Centro Fondo – Vermiglio

Contact them for skating times and prices. A couple of hours in the rink will cost you €10 and includes shoe hire.